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November 29, 2021  

Holiday Fantasy Creator Draft 2021

Welcome to a very special episode of Good Morning Camera where our hosts Gajan & Anthony pick their top 10 producst they've enjoyed over the last year. From cameras, to photobooks, and everything in between, this episode is full of great ideas to help your creativity flourish. Enjoy!

November 4, 2021  

Nikon Z 9 Announced and Canon EOS R1 Rumours!?

Welcome to Good Morning Camera! In this episode, Gajan and Anthony breakdown their first impressions of the Z 9 announcement from Nikon and the move to the VERY EARLY rumours surrounding the Canon EOS R1. Enjoy!

October 22, 2021  

Sony A7 IV and DJI Ronin 4D Reactions!

Gajan and Anthony react to the latest news in the camera world! What is the DJI Ronin 4D and who's it made for? Also, our hosts went hands on with the brand new Sony A7 IV, what do they think? Find out in the latest episode of Good Morning Camera!

October 8, 2021  

Shocking Canon VR Lens, Another Nikon Z9 Teaser, and the Panasonic BS1H

In this episode of Good Morning Camera, our hosts talk abou the just-announced Canon RF 5.2mm F2.8 VR lens, the new Nikon Z9 teaser, and the Panasonic BS1H. Enjoy!

September 17, 2021  

Hand-On with Canon EOS R3 & iPhone 13 Thoughts

In this episode of Good Morning Camera, we dive deep into the Canon EOS R3 after going hands-on with this new mirrorless monster and then discuss what the new iPhone has in store for creators. Enjoy!

September 7, 2021  

Fujifilm X Summit Recap!

In this episode of Good Morning Camera, Gajan & Anthony recap the entire Fujifilm X Summit event last week and breakdown the biggest news that was dropped. Enjoy!

August 17, 2021  

Nikon Z9 Leaks, Canon R3 Impressions, and MORE Tamron Gl!

Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Camera! This week, our hosts discuss the new Tamron lens announcements, dissect the Canon EOS R3 first impressions from Peter McKinnon, and dialog about the new Nikon Z9 rumors that have just leaked. Enjoy!

July 29, 2021  

Sony ZV-E10 Impressions, Nikon Z9 Leaks, and new Tamron Lenses

Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Camera! This week we talk about the new Nikon Z7 rumors, debate the Sony ZV-E10 announcement, and what to make of the new Tamron lenses for Sony and Fujifilm. Enjoy!

July 16, 2021  

Canon EOS R3 release date, old-school Fujifilm lenses, and the NEW Sony ZV-E10?

Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Camera! This week, we discuss the rumoured release date for the Canon EOS R3, the new Nokton lenses from Voigtlander for Fujifilm, and what to make of the Sony ZV-E10. Enjoy!

June 30, 2021  

Nikon Z fc Impressions, Fujifilm News, and Panasonic Updates!

In this episode of Good Morning Camera, we discuss the new Nikon Z fc and why some people may be a bit premature in their initial assessment, the rumors of a sub $4K medium format camera, and what the Panasonic firmware updates mean for their users. Enjoy!

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